AEMK - Associação Estavam e Maria Kovacsik

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The Kovacsik Method


According to the scientist Estevam Kovacsik the origin of cancer is due to prolonged exposure to radiation from underground water contaminated with sewage cesspit. It is understood by prolonged exposure to several hours (about 3 4 hours) per day, every or several days a week, for a continuous period of 2 years (in places which remains stationary relative to the ground, such as bed, site work or rest).

Along the exposure period will emerge in the person’s body an agent close to the heart and spleen region. This agent will be incubated during those two years until it has enough strengh to manifest itself in the classic forms of the disease: tumor, wound or an organ dysfunction. It always tends to manifest in the most fragile part of the body.


Eliminating the disease’s vitality: obtained by using the U or Pyramid EK together with the Accelerator (see below). The first session eliminates the agent’s vitality from the original site within the body. After this session, the disease loses its strength and the manifestation no longer grows and slowly starts to recede allowing the body to recover.

The therapy commences with 3 sessions. A space of one week should be given between the sessions. Following on from this one therapy session per month until the completion of one year. Depending on the particular case, additional sessions can be recommended.

Recovery and maintenance of the person’s health: After the sequence of sessions, it is essential to take proper care of the body because it is still in a weakened state. This is done by good food and preservation of the energy within the body, eliminating excess physical activity. Avoidance in moving between excesses of heat such as from an over-hot shower to cold outside. Also, sea baths. Proper use of the Insulator is essential.

The adequate use of the Insulator is a critical part of the therapy. If the person does not use it or uses it in the wrong way, this could jeopardize or annul the effects of the therapy. The Insulator interrupts (neutralizes) the harmful vibration deriving from contaminated underground watercourses.

We note that if the disease is at an advanced stage, the sessions of Pyramid EK or "U" eliminates the causative disease agent, but the possibility of restoring health depends on how far the disease has already compromised the vital organs of the body. However in any case the health situation of the person is changed for the better. In extreme cases the only benefit obtained may be the reduction of pain.