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Program "MK for all

Due to lack of resources the program MK For All is suspended without return forecast. If you want to take the Kovacsik method for your area, fill out the form below and when the program is resumed contact you.

If you are interested in taking the Kovacsik therapy to your city, please fill up the form of interest that is in the end of this page.

The AEMK developed the program: "MK for everyone" in order to offer the Kovacsik Method to all people who are interested in taking this therapy to their city. The therapy should be free of charge to all people who need it.

The person who organizes the implementation does not necessarily have to be a therapist, but for the implementation be successful it is important to have two or more therapists-volunteers and at least 10 people with a medical diagnosis of cancer who wants to do the therapy Kovacsik.

The AEMK does not charge for the service, but for now we cannot afford the implementation costs: transportation, food and lodging (when needed). Often these costs are apportioned between people in therapy, or some company assumes the costs during the implementation stage, which lasts on average five visits in a space of about two or three months. Hope soon be able to absorb these costs.

Follows below the guidelines to take MK to your region:

  • 1- In the location should have a minimum group of 10 people diagnosed with cancer who wish to go through therapy;
  • 2- Should have two or more people interested to maintain the MK for free, in the role of therapist. Usually the person reserves a few hours in a specific day of the week for this purpose;
  • 3- People interested in learning the MK does not need specific formation and are the primary factors: the availability of time to donate, the desire to help people in need and willingness to learn;
  • 4- The work of the person designated by AEMK to go to the location offer and teach the Kovacsik therapy is free of charge;
  • 5- Transportation, meals and accommodation costs (if any) is on account of the local people (usually divided among those who receive therapy or funded by a company);
  • 6- The AEMK does not cover the cost of Insulator ($ 10.00). The cost is usually on the person interested in going through therapy;
  • 7- The AEMK therapist will go to the community until the person interested in maintaining the MK is properly trained. Then the AEMK therapist will return periodically to visit the work and clarify any concerns and monitor the correct use of the therapy. The cost of this visit should also be on account of local people;
  • 8- The therapeutic material will only be left after the local therapist to be trained, and will be left in the form of loan during the period that is convenient for both sides, following the rules of the Assignment Term and AEMK Ethics Code;
  • 9- Therapists who are keeping the MK should visit our headquarters in Sao Paulo during a day of service at least once to know our way of operating. Is not necessary to to visit at the beginning of the work;
  • 10- The proposal to join the program will be evaluated according to the alignment with the objectives and stance of AEMK.

MK Registration for all


Phones: +55 (11) 2493-2428