AEMK - Associação Estavam e Maria Kovacsik

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Get familiar with Estevam’s
life and his method


Estevam was born in Varzal (Varzari), a peaceful community, part of the province of Bihar (Bihor), in the former Austrian Hungarian empire. He was born into a family of farmers in 1903. His parents were Martin Kovacsik and Ana Karasek.

At the age of seven, the family moved to the province of Silagy, where they did not face major changes in their life style. He and his family moved to Brazil when he was 21 years old. After a few years of work, he used his savings and bought a small truck and earned his living from freight services. Later, he worked as a driver in a car dealership. He worked there until his retirement. Estevam retired at the age of 61 years, after 35 years of non-stop and continuous service.

Estevam and his family initially lived in Perdizes, in the Western region of the City of São Paulo. After his marriage to Maria Zvonik, they moved to Jabaquara, in the Southern region of the City of São Paulo, where their family lives to date.

Estevam was always a dedicated learner. Despite his lack of formal education, he was an avid reader. His prodigious knowledge of dowsing, cancer, human organism and life in general derived from such dedication. He paid a lot of attention to detail and eventually began to notice something strange. Some of the chickens, which were kept in the backyard began to develop tumors and warts. Other chickens, a short distance away, did not develop these symptoms. Why?

Thus, in 1948, began a lifetime quest to find the answer to that question. For ten years he worked at his normal day job from dawn to evening. At night he researched for a cure for cancer. It was a long and hard journey until the formation of his theory about the origin of the disease and development of his first formula to combat it.

After the development of the first formula, he spent years sharing his time between his regular job, family, research and treatment of sick persons until his retirement in 1964, at which time he could then dedicate the rest of his life to the work with cancer.

It was unfortunate that he died before being able to see his work achieve the primary goal: ie. the donation of his research to the appropriate authorities in order to benefit those worldwide who suffered from such a dreadful disease.

Estevam sought to obtain scientific confirmation of the Kovacsik Method by offering to attend any place designated in order to demonstrate the method in it`s entirety. This would allow for permanent monitoring and critical analysis of the methods and results. Estevam always believed that better qualified individuals with more availability of resources could develop his treatment even further and make it available to the entire world, thus permitting all interested persons to utilize the therapy.