AEMK - Associação Estavam e Maria Kovacsik

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Become a volunteer

This is the greater importance parts and most honored within AEMK. We believe that volunteering is one of the major tools available for building awareness of coexistence and social equality, and to express the love of neighbor. Social work is important for both, who benefits directly from their results as to the person who is there to take the time for something good. It contributes to self-knowledge and personal growth, fitting within a society smoothly and seamlessly.

Within a Place of Care (PA) have different functional needs. In addition to the therapist, there are several other features that are critical to the work`s dynamics and maintenance. The PAs usually run once a week. To apply for a volunteer be clear on your time availability and for more craving help we have, it is best not to take more than we can. Our idea is the work to be of medium to long term, and for this to occur is important to think about your obligations and assess the time available for volunteering.

Please fill out the interest form below and indicate the PA you want to act. As required PAs themselves come directly in contact with you. If you have questions regarding the process, please look for us.